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FAQ: Equipment Financing

Frequently Asked Questions

Our minimum lease is $5,000. There is no maximum as long as your business has the cash flow to support the payment. For equipment costing under $5,000 alternative tools like credit cards can be useful.

Although a lease is not a principal and interest loan, the Lease Rate Factors (LRF) is calculated based on a number of variables including the term, transaction size, credit, type of equipment, time in business, market conditions and other factors. For this reason we ask for an application and vendor quote to determine an accurate quote.

In most cases the approval process will take less than 24 hours for established companies. For larger transactions, newer businesses, marginal credit, and more complicated leases it can take anywhere from 1-3 days. Once approved lease documents are sent to you for signature. Once documents are received and you've accepted the equipment, payment is made to the vendor. The total process takes 1-5 business days.

Lease terms are 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, and 84 months, depending upon the type of equipment. Leases for items that depreciate rapidly (like technology) are usually shorter terms. The 84 month term is used for large ticket items only and is provided on a case by case basis for more expensive durable equipment.

Your payments typically start 30 days after acceptance of the equipment. Most of our funders allow you to set up automatic payments from your business account for the payment.

Bank rates can be variable, which make it hard to forecast expenses, and can come with conditions like deposits held at the bank. Equipment leasing is a viable alternative offering less red tape than with bank financing. You can complete the process quicker which means your equipment can start generating revenue for you faster. Depreciation on equipment can often make traditional bank and credit union lenders hesitant to lend large amounts of money to purchase equipment.

Yes! We do provide financing for late model used equipment.

You are required to maintain insurance on the equipment through the duration of the contract. Most business insurance covers business leases. If you do not have insurance, we can help get you a quote for coverage.

Yes. Sometimes multiple vendors are required and when that happens we can work with you to roll all the invoices into a single lease.

This is known as a Sale-Leaseback, which we offer and is most commonly used for equipment that has been purchased in the last 90-days.

On a "net" lease, the end user/lessee is responsible for all taxes. Tax types and rates vary by stat and locality.

Yes.  We can facilitate financing for many private party transactions.  The seller would need to provide a written invoice and would need to provide documentation (like a title) to verify they own the equipment. We will also need to show the private party sales price is in line with the market price for the equipment.  If you are a start-up, private party transactions are much harder to get approved.  

We offer equipment financing and leasing for a variety of industries, including Transportation, Trucking, Construction, Medical, Aviation, Clean Energy, Industrial, Restaurant, Technology, Cannabis, and Municipal. If the equipment is essential to your business - we likely have a solution.

The lessor is the owner of leased equipment until you choose to purchase the equipment at end of lease.

A lease is an agreement to make payments for a specified amount of time for the right to use the equipment, OWNED by the lease company. A loan is a financing vehicle to pay for equipment owned by the user of the equipment.

Sierra Equipment Finance is not a party to the financing arrangement. The lease or financing agreement will be between you and the lender.

You an use our quick and easily online DocuSign one-page application to get started. We need a copy of the equipment invoice/quote and may need business bank statements as a way to verify income to support the new payment. For startups and larger transactions tax returns and financials will be requested.

Anything with wheels - from delivery trucks to work vehicles to limousines to fire trucks to cranes to excavators. We can finance office furniture, electric equipment, and software your business needs to conduct business.

Our funders evaluate your business credit history (including bank and trade references), time in business, personal credit history of the owner(s), and collateral value of the equipment. If your credit history has some negative items, we can often get approval on a lease with a shorter term and/or a down payment.

Most of our funders require a first and last payment. If there are credit challenges of if you are a start-up, a down payment may be required.

Yes, as long as you are properly licensed with your respective state.

On most transactions we can finance 100% of the transaction plus *soft costs* which might include delivery, installation, tax, maintenance contract, and other expenses.

Yes, we do offer financing on software essential to business operations, including support and implementation costs.

The IRS will generally allow you to write off up to 100% of your lease payment under Section 179 of the tax code if the lease has been structured properly. We always recommend consulting with your accountant or CPA for guidance.

Yes. Most businesses less than 2 years old are considered a startup, which we can provide financing for. As a start-up you can expect to pay a slightly higher rate because your company is a higher risk than a more established company. You will also likely need to include a "full package" (which would include tax returns) and be prepared to personally guarantee the loan.  Many startup equipment loans will require a down payment.  

Equipment financing allows you to purchase equipment you need to grow your business using a loan or lease with payments made over time, similar to a car loan.  A lease may have options for purchasing the  equipment at the end of the lease.  

We work primarily with clients who live or have businesses on the West Coast (Pacific Time Zone), however we can provide equipment financing, leasing, and loans throughout all 50 states.

No, Sierra Equipment Finance does not charge an application fee.

Leasing can help you bring revenues and expenses in closer alignment, and because payments are fixed, you can forecast future expenses more accurately and improve your budgeting process.

Most leases and financing agreements are full payout, meaning the lenders base their rates on the anticipation of the full term. Some lenders offer a small discount but there should never be a penalty for paying off early.

Common purchase options at the end of a lease include: Fair Market Value (FMV), $1 Buyout, and 10% Put.

Yes, Sierra Commercial Capital LLC, DBA Sierra Equipment Finance is registered as a California Financing Law licensee (Lic. #603-l407) with the California Department of Business Oversight. If you or your business are located in CA, it is important that you work with lenders and brokers who are licensed in CA.


You can contact a leasing representative by phone at 916-273-6822 or by email at [email protected]