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Municipal Equipment Financing

We have municipal lending experts who can provide a tax-exempt leasing quote for state and local governments,municipal agencies, special districts, school districts and nonprofit hospitals.

Municipal Equipment Leasing

More and more municipalities are using equipment leasing as a tool to acquire equipment. Municipal Lease transactions can be provided for states and their political subdivisions such as counties and cities.  Departments or agencies such as state universities, fire and police departments, school districts, sanitation, hospitals, special districts, and other public entities funded by state or local taxes are also eligible.

Due to budgetary shortfalls, leasing is becoming a standard way for cities, counties, states, schools, and other municipal entities to get the equipment they need today without spending their entire annual budget to acquire it.  Municipalities also look at leasing when the equipment purchase is too small to justify a bond issue, to purchase equipment that useful life doesn't justify long-term financing, or to purchase equipment when they cannot fund the purchase due to timing or debt limitations.

To Apply

Simply fill out the one page municipal application and fax (916-892-1255) or email ([email protected]) to our office.

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Our team has been working with municipalities for over 20 years.  Besides vehicles and equipment with four wheels, we also finance turf, solar panels, cleaning equipment and technology — virtually any equipment needed to maintain a successful municipal operation.

A municipal lease is often the least expensive method of financing equipment that costs between $5,000 to $2,000,000.  They do not require an election or the legal and administrative costs of a bond.  Financing is a full payout contract with no significant residual or balloon payments at the end of the lease term.


  • Computers and Software
  • Office Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Vehicles and Accessories
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Refuse Equipment
  • Telephone and Communications Equipment
  • Modular Structures
  • Heat/Air Conditioning Equipment
  • Energy Management Equipment